Landing pages

Landing pages. In today’s modern economy a website is not just a nice to have, it is a must have for any business owner who is serious about growing their business. The problem is of course if you are going to have a website you need to make sure that it puts your business in the best possible light.

The internet provides probably the only level playing field for the small business to compete with large businesses when it comes to presenting a product or service offering. What I mean by this is that your website can make your businesses look professional, vibrant and modern. Conversely it can make your businesses look dated, stagnant and out of touch.

The chances are that you are investing a considerable part of your marketing budget to drive traffic to your website which could be killing your business. If you surf the internet and compare your website to your competitors you will see what your customers are seeing. If you are embarrassed by your website then it is time for a refresh and you need to do this now because your website will be killing your business online.

You must always remember that the purpose of your website is always to convert visitors into customers and not just to give information about your products and services. The average time that anyone spends on a website is less than one minute, because far too many websites fail to gain the attention of potential customers visiting the site.

Competition online is fierce and if you want your prospective customers to spend enough time on your website to stand a chance of gaining their customer then your website need to look good and deliver a compelling reason to buy from you rather than every other business that offers the sam or similar products or services.

Your landing page is your express elevator pitch because you don’t have 60 seconds to deliver your compelling reason to buy, you have just 6 seconds to get your visitors hooked. Your landing page must have an immediate call to action whether that be to pick up the telephone, send and email, fill out an information request form or download a free report of some description.

You have to make it very clear what action that you want your prospects to take and how. For example, if you are looking to generate telephone enquiries you call to action is to pick up the phone and request a quotation RIGHT NOW!!! You also need to give your prospects a compelling reason to do this and put some urgency in your message. For example, 50% discount on all order placed by midnight tonight or book right now to avoid disappointment.

Always provide more than one call to action so that you cater for more of your prospects, for example if some of your prospects are not real to buy immediately you can ask them to join a mailing list to be notified of future special offers. Try not to get carries away with flashing images or moving pictures which have the potential to distract you prospects from taking the required call to action.

Keep your website attractive but simple and make sure it is effective at converting visitors into paying customers, which is the whole reason why you have invested in a website in the first place. Keep the copy compelling but concise and to the point or you will lose the attention of your prospects and they will not take the action required to convert visitors into paying customers. Always ensure that you give the best possible impression of your business to build trust and credibility. If you are not sure of what you need to do to make this happen ask an expert.